Monday, May 19, 2014

Playing King of the Hill with the Alpacas

This is fun, brief video of James getting a little distracted with last year's cria when going out to see the new baby cria born 2 days ago.  They were playing for about 15 minutes before I picked up the video camera.  Mercedes, the gold one, continues to be friendly and playful every day.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Dressing Up and Celebrating the Alpaca

We recently returned from an alpaca show, where judges review, prod and pluck fleece from alpacas to determine which one in each class is the best.  This helps determine breeding opportunities, genetic lines and textile possibilities with individual alpacas.  I was fortunate to bring home a first place ribbon with one of our Medium Silver Gray Girls, Ava.  Here I am with Ava, dressed nicely, Ava standing attentively though not overly impressed with her new surroundings.

This makes up a majority of the Denver show events.

However, there is another event where the alpaca is celebrated with creativity and interaction - the costume class.  The tradition dates back hundreds of years in Peru, Bolivia and Chile, where there were parades to celebrate this wonderful animal, the basis of their culture. They were dressed up and costumed as much or more than the people.

In this competition, the tradition continues and I love it.