Friday, June 8, 2012

New Look- New Design

We had professional photographs taken of our alpaca winter hats this past week.  It is amazing how much better these photos look.

We are selling this type of hunting, fishing, outdoor hat to a variety of buyers. Even Orvis is looking at picking up this product. It is felted alpaca hand made in Bozeman. We guarantee comfort and warmth from 50 F to -20 F.  Because it is so breathable, we can wear it in a range of temperatures.  Plus, its made from our alpacas!

Black Winter Hat, Ear Flaps Up

Ear Flaps with Adjustable Strap in Back for Custom Fit

Windstopper Polar Fleece Liner Breaks all Wind from Getting Through

Earflaps Allow Pulling Bow String Without Getting In the Way

Ideal Hunting Hat

Montana Made, Super Warm Hat

Guaranteed to Fit Every Size of Head

Check out all the specs and the different styles at our winter hat site.